Chapter 1 Notes

Chapter 1 Notes - C hapter 1 –Int roduction to E nvi...

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Unformatted text preview: C hapter 1 –Int roduction to E nvi ronmental Science Our Island, Ea rth ENV I RON M E N T • The e nvi ronment is all the things around us which we interact o Biotic, abiotic, our built environment and social relationship and i nstitutions H U MANS AND T H E WORLD • Environmental Science is the study of how the natural world works o How the environment affects humans and vice versa NATURAL RESOURCES • • Natu ral Resources a re substances we need to survive Renewable Resources a re the natural resources that are replenishable over short periods • • Nonrenewable Resources a re resources that have a finite supply Resource M anagement i s decision making aimed to balance use of r esources o o o Balance the rate of withdrawal from stock with rate of renewal Stock i s harvestable portion of resource Stock-and-flow Resources i s another name for renewable resources H U MAN POPU LAT ION GROWT H • • Agricultu ral Revolution – Neolithic period; food supplies I ndust rial Revolution – Powered by fossil fuels o Air and water quality declined • Medical-Technological Revolution – A dvances in medicine and sanitation o Green Revolution – Modern agriculture I = PAT I – Total Impact Technology • Population increase, consume natural resources, and new technologies P – Population A – A ffluence T– ECOLOG ICAL FOOTPR I N T • Measure of land required to sustain an individual, not number of individuals t hat can be sustained by an area of land (Carrying Capacity) RAPA N U I • 5 factors that determine survival of civilizations: o o o o o Climate change Hostile neighbours Trade partners Environmental problems Society’s response to enviro problems TEST I NG PRE D ICT IO NS • • Experiment is an activity designed to test validity of a hypothesis. I t involves manipulating v ar iable o I ndependent – t he manipulated variable o o Dependent – depends on the independent Cont rol – U nmanipulated point of comparison ...
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Chapter 1 Notes - C hapter 1 –Int roduction to E nvi...

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