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Computer Engineering 315L Digital System Design Lab Lab1 Binary Multiplier Purpose This lab reviews combinational logic design Assignment Part I Design and build a 2-bit by 2-bit multiplier circuit using a breadboard and IC chips. Test the circuit for all different input combinations. Tabulate you results and provide a short discussion of one or two of the results. Part II Extend the 2-bit by 2-bit multiplier design to realize a 4-bit by 3-bit multiplier. You do not have to build that circuit; only show the schematics on paper. Label all inputs and outputs. Lab Report Lab reports should be neatly typed and well organized . No hand-written documentation or hand-drawn schematics or diagrams will be accepted. Upon completion of the lab, your lab report should include: 1. A cover page with your Name, Lab number and title, CPEN315, Spring 20__, and
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Unformatted text preview: Date, all in order and in the center of the cover page. 2. Schematic diagram of the 2 x 2 bit multiplier circuit and a brief description of its operation. (20 points) 3. Results and discussion. (5 points) 4. Schematic diagram of the 4 x 3 bit multiplier circuit. In addition, 1) show the simulation result from LogiSim for 1010 x 101, and 2) give a partial truth table with at least 8 entries and state whether or not your circuit passes the test with LogiSim on each entry (25 points) In addition to submitting the lab report, you need to demonstrate to me the performance of your 2 x 2 bit multiplier circuit on the due date. Grading Multiplier Demo = 50% Lab Report = 50%...
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