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@PERFORMANCE RATING - properly given to the data collected...

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ii Department of English, Foreign Languages and Literature College of Arts and Sciences SAN BEDA COLLEGE Mendiola, Manila Performance Rating in Engl 02 Thesis Title: Internet Addiction and Academic Performance of Selected 1 st  Year Accountancy Students of San Beda College, A.Y. 20092010 Date:  March 25, 2010 Indicator Percentage  Score 1.   The   book   contains   all  the   complete   parts   in  correct   form   and  presentation. 40% 2.   Statistical   treatment   is 
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Unformatted text preview: properly given to the data collected. 20% 3. Data collected was properly treated statistically, interpreted, and concluded. 20% 4. Observes punctuality in the submission of the book. 10% 5. It contains a wide range of resources from books, journals, unpublished and published studies, and online materials. 10% 6. Total 100% ii _________________________________ Rater’s Signature over Printed Name...
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