@Philippines maps out danger sites

@Philippines maps out danger sites - Philippines maps out...

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Philippines maps out danger sites Karl Wilson, Foreign Correspondent Last Updated: February 14. 2010 11:24PM UAE / February 14. 2010 7:24PM GMT Rescuers and relatives search for survivors and bodies in Guinsaugon in the central Philippines four years ago, after a mudslide swamped the village, killing up to 3,000 people. Jay Directo / AFP MANILA // On a windswept clearing just outside St Bernard on the southern tip of Leyte a solitary cross marks the spot where an entire village was obliterated by a massive landslide that killed up to 3,000 people. In a matter of minutes the once-prosperous farming village of Guinsaugon in central Philippines, nestled below a mountain and sitting among lush rice fields, was buried under an estimated 21 million cubic metres of mud and rock. The disaster struck just after 10.30am on February 17, 2006, as 250 pupils filed into their classrooms at the local elementary school. Days of relentless rain had weakened the soil and rock along the mountain face behind the village to a point where it became so weak it gave way. It crushed everything in its path, including the village, the school and its inhabitants. Photographs of the landslide showed the full extent of the devastation – a sea of brown mud and rock fanning out across 323 hectares of green, fertile farmland. No one knows exactly how many people died that morning: only 128 bodies were
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@Philippines maps out danger sites - Philippines maps out...

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