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Chapter 3 Notes - Chapter 3 POM 1 CHAPTER 3 Organization...

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1 CHAPTER 3 Organization Culture and Environment Learning Outcomes Follow this Learning Outline as you read and study this chapter. 3.1 The Manager: Omnipotent Or Symbolic? Contrast the actions of managers according to the omnipotent and symbolic views. Identify the two constraints on managerial discretion. 3.2 Organizational Culture Identify the seven dimensions of organizational culture. Discuss the impact of a strong culture on organizations and managers. Explain how a culture is formed and maintained. Describe how culture affects managers. 3.3 Current Organizational Culture Issues. Describe the characteristics of an ethical culture, an innovative culture, and a customer-responsive culture. Explain why workplace spirituality seems to be an important concern. Describe the characteristics of a spiritual organization. 3.4 The Environment. List the components of the specific and general environments. Explain the two dimensions of environmental uncertainty. Identify the most common organizational stakeholders. List the four steps in managing external stakeholder relationships. The Manager: Omnipotent or Symbolic? Omnipotent View of Management Managers are directly responsible for an organization’s success or failure. The quality of the organization is determined by the quality of its managers. Managers are held accountable for an organization’s performance, yet it is difficult to attribute good or poor performance directly to their influence on the organization. The Organization’s Culture Organizational Culture A system of shared meanings and common beliefs held by organizational members that determines, in a large degree, how they act towards each other. “The way we do things around here.” Values, symbols, rituals, myths, and practices Implications: Culture is a perception. Culture is shared.
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Chapter 3 Notes - Chapter 3 POM 1 CHAPTER 3 Organization...

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