Glossary 3 theories of Personality

Glossary 3 theories of Personality - G lossary Anima Female...

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Glossary Anima Female component of the male psyche. Animus Male component of the female psyche. Archetype Inherited predisposition to respond emotionally to certain aspects of the world. All the archetypes taken together make up the collective unconscious. Attitudes General orientations of the psyche when relating to the world. The two basic attitudes are introversion and extroversion. Causality Belief that a person’s personality can be explained in terms of past experiences Childhood Stage of development that lasts from birth to adolescence during which time libidinal energy is invested in learning the basic skills necessary for survival and sexual activities Collective unconscious Collection of inherited predispositions that humans have to respond to certain events. These predispositions come from the universal experiences humans have had throughout their evolutionary past. Complex Set of interrelated ideas that are highly valued and that exist in the personal unconscious. Creative illness According to Ellenberger, a period of intense preoccupation with a search for a particular truth. This search is usually accompanied by depression, psychosomatic ailments, neuroses, and perhaps psychotic episodes. Ego Chapter 3 Glossary 1
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For Jung, the ego is everything of which we are conscious and entails performing the functions related to everyday life. Extroversion
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Glossary 3 theories of Personality - G lossary Anima Female...

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