chp 2-4 review theories of Personality

chp 2-4 review theories of Personality - SIGMUND FREUD...

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Unformatted text preview: SIGMUND FREUD (1856-1939) I N FLUENCES Charcot: French neurologist—HYPNOTISM & HYSTERIA Bernheim: Psthypnotic amnesia and Posthypnotic suggestion Breuer: Catharsis, Transference; “STUDIES ON HYSTERIA” is considered the beginning of the PSYCHOANLYTIC MOVEMENT. MA I N BEL IEFS Sexual conflicts were the cause of HYSTERIA Human behavior was INSTINCTIVE & driven by UNCONSCIOUS MOTIVATION. ALL aspects of human personality are derived from BIOLOGICAL INSTINCTS. L IFE INSTINCTS: preservation of life ( Eros) DEATH INSTINCT: return to organic state before life ( Thantos) Libbido: psychic energy associated with life instincts. “The Interpretation of Dreams”: his own self-analysis of his dreams; Psychoanalytic movement gains momentum. D I V ISIONS OF T HE M I N D I D: Given at birth; pure instinctual energy, at the unconscious level; pleasure principle EGO: Identifies or matches images of the ID with objects & events in real world; operates CONSCIOUSLY & UNCONSCIOUSLY; serves ID & SUPEREGO. SUPEREGO: moral arm; develops from REWARD & PUNISHMENT in a child; internalized; Conscience results from child being punished; Ego Ideal results from child being rewarded; constantly strives for perfection. PR INC IPAL OF CONSERVATION OF ENERGY: energy is rearranged-each person is born with same amount of PSYCHIC ENERGY. ANXIETY: warns of danger in THINKING OR BEHAVING EGO’S TASK IS TO AVOID OR REDUCE ANXIETY. EGO-DEFENSE MECHAN ISMS REPRESSSION: must occur before any other defense mechanism; corner-stone of psychoanalysis; Ego prevents anxiety-provoking thoughts from entering conscious level. DISPLACEMENT: substitute one need satisfier for another. IDENTIFICATION: match objects in environment to wishes of the ID. DENIAL OF REALITY: deny facts in one’s life experience. RATIONALIZATION: justify behavior EVERYONE USES EGO-DEFENSE MECHANISMS: moderation is normal; extreme or extensive use is dysfunctional. PSYCHOSEXUAL STAGES OF DEVELOPMENT ORAL STAGE: 1st year; pleasure comes from the mouth. ANAL STAGE: 2nd year; feces expulsion-can caused perfectionism. PHALLIC STAGE: 3rd –5th year; penis or clitoris (most complicated & controversial stage of Freud) PREGENTIAL (FIRST 3) ARE THE MOST IMPORTANT TO PERSONALITY DEVELOPMENT. LATENCY STAGE: 6th – 12th year; sexual interests are repressed & displaced by activities. GENITAL STAGE: puberty; the pre-genital stages have already DETERMINED person’s adult life. PSYCHOANALYSIS IS T H E M EANS OF D ISCOVER ING REPRESSED T HOUGHTS AND REDUC ING T HE I R I N FLUENCE ON L I FE. FE M I N I NE PSYCHOLOGY Woman are more enigmatic than men....
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chp 2-4 review theories of Personality - SIGMUND FREUD...

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