Lab Report 5 - Mass(g 1.69.31 Moles.027.019 This reaction...

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Date Performed: 10/2/09 Marco Gutierrez Date Submitted: 10/6/09 Partner: Jesseth Baul Determination of a Chemical Formula Objective : To reduce copper with methane gas to find the percent composition and simplest formula for its oxide. Experimental data : Mass of test tube: 17.63g Mass of test tube + copper oxide: 19.63g Mass of test tube + copper: 19.32g Sample calculations : mass of test tube+ copper oxide: 19.63g – mass of test tube: 17.63g = 2.0g of copper oxide. Mass of test tube+ copper: 19.32g – mass of test tube: 17.63g = 1.69g of copper +or - 1 1.69g of copper/ 2.0g of copper oxide= 85% copper 2.0g of copper oxide – 1.69g of copper= .31g of oxygen +or- 1 .31g of oxygen/ 2.0g of copper oxide= 15% oxygen 1.69g of copper/ 63.5g molar mass of copper=.027mole of copper +or- 1 .31g of oxygen—16g molar mass of oxygen= .019mole of oxygen +or-1 .019mol of oxygen/ .019mol of oxygen= 1 mol of oxygen +or-1 .027mol of copper/ .019 of oxygen= 1.42 mol of copper +or- 1 Copper Oxygen
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Unformatted text preview: Mass (g) 1.69 .31 % Mass 85 15 Moles .027 .019 This reaction is a Copper (II) and oxygen reaction, I found this out by finding the mole ration between my measurements in the lab. There were plenty of occasions where discrepancies could have occurred. I know that not all the copper oxide was reduced into just copper, leaving more oxygen atoms in the substance. The tube I had, had a small leak so the complete reaction could not take place. Reducing agent- is the element or compound in a redox reaction that reduces another species, in this case methane gas Smelting- to fuse or melt (ore) in order to separate the metal contained. in this case the process of reducing copper oxide into copper. Reduction- A reaction in which oxygen is removed from a compound. Percent composition- a relative measure of the mass of each different element present in the compound. Empirical formula- a simple expression of the relative numbers of each type of atom in it....
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Lab Report 5 - Mass(g 1.69.31 Moles.027.019 This reaction...

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