Long Paper - Presentation of The Argument It is everyones...

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It is everyones moral obligation to help people in need if their own circumstances permit it. Unless, the act of giving aid causes a sacrifice that is clearly equal or of greater moral importance. So it would seem that everything you buy that is unnecessary is a violation of your moral duties because the money you spent of that brand new 64” LCD HD television could have helped keep numerous poverty stricken people alive if even only for one more day. Although this may seem ridiculous or extremely hard to comply with remember that no one said that doing the right thing has to be easy. But helping others instead of living lavishly will be rewarding, and self-satisfying in the end when physical possessions arn’t important. Or is it? Should you be required to help someone else who has no impact on your life or who isn’t doing anything to help themselves? Many people believe that it isn’t part of their moral obligation because they assume no responsibility and also don’t see the negative impact of their lack of help because the fact that the majority of the world’s poverty occurs in areas that us as American’s rarely turn our heads towards. Singer has two principles of how a person should give aid to the poor in order to meet their moral obligation. His first which is know as the strong principle requires you to give away everything until you are on the same level of suffering as the people you are helping, so in otherwords you would basically have to give away everything not completely neccesary to life. No nice clothes, or cars, you would have to wear old clothes as long as it still kept you warm and you would be forced to sell things even if they had family value because the fact that they weren’t neccesary to live and the loss of them would cause sadness but not to the point that the poorest of the poor suffer through daily in their regions of the world. Singer’s second idea is known as moderate principle which states that one must sacrifice everything except something of
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Long Paper - Presentation of The Argument It is everyones...

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