EAS 4300 Syllabus

EAS 4300 Syllabus - EAS 4300 Aerospace Propulsion Spring...

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EAS 4300 – Aerospace Propulsion, Spring 2009 8 th period (3:00-3:50pm) MWF, MAE-A 303 1. Catalog Description : Credits: 3; Basics of air-breathing and rocket engines used in flight systems 2. Prerequisites and Co-requisites : Prerequisites: senior standing (4EG and above), EGN 3353C and EML 3100 3 . Course Objectives Utilize the fundamental principles of fluid mechanics and thermodynamics to analyze aerospace engines. Understand the common aerospace propulsion systems and be able to determine the applicability of each. Perform system studies of airbreathing aircraft engine systems for specified missions and aerothermal design of turbomachinery components at the preliminary design level. Perform mission-level rocket analysis for common rocket engine cycles. 4 . Contribution of course to meeting the professional component : This course in aerospace propulsion contributes to enhancing the student’s abilities to work professionally in aerospace systems including the design and realization of such systems. 5. Relationship of course to program outcomes : ABET (Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology) is the sole accrediting agency for engineering and technology programs in the United States. This course will achieve the following ABET outcomes: (1) apply knowledge of mathematics, science, and engineering [outcome a, high coverage]; (2) identify, formulate, and solve engineering problems [outcome e, high coverage]; (3) enhance the student’s knowledge of aerodynamics, aerospace structures and materials, flight mechanics, stability and control, orbital mechanics, propulsion, design of aerospace systems and mathematics and numerical methods [outcome A5, high coverage]. 6. Instructor
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EAS 4300 Syllabus - EAS 4300 Aerospace Propulsion Spring...

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