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San Diego Mesa College Fall 2009 Physics 125 General Physics CRN 82341,82364 Course Website : Instructor: Dr. S.K.Wong Office: K112A Phone: 619-388-2252 Email : Office Hours: M 9:30 am-12:30 pm W 12:30 pm-2:30 pm Other times by appointment. Lecture Hours: T and Th. 8:45am-10:50am (K103) Laboratory Hours: T or Th: 11:10am-2:15pm (K110B) Textbooks : Physics, Vol.1, Cutnell and Johnson, 7 h Edition Student Solution Manual (Optional); Student Study Guide (Optional) Course description : Fundamental descriptions of motion and its cause, the physical and thermal properties of matter, and the transfer of energy by waves. This course is for students in those liberal arts and pre-professional courses not requiring physics with calculus. Prerequisites :MATH 116 or MATH 104 with a grade of C or better, or equivalent. Course Objectives : Introduces students to fundamental physics concepts and principles and develops their problem solving skills. Course Content : Kinematics in one and two dimensions, Newton’s laws of motion, work and energy, impulse and momentum, circular motion, gravitational force, rotation of rigid bodies, torque, simple harmonic motion, fluid pressure, Archimedes principle, calorimetry, heat transfer mechanisms, ideal gas, kinetic theory, thermodynamics, wave motions, sound waves, interference. Attendance: Students are to sign in for each period. It is the student’s responsibility to drop all classes in which he/she is no longer attending . It is the instructor’s discretion to withdraw a student after the add/drop deadline (September 8) due to excessive absences. Students who
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This note was uploaded on 01/23/2011 for the course PHYS 123 taught by Professor Smith during the Spring '07 term at UC Davis.

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syl125f09 - San Diego Mesa College Fall 2009 Physics 125...

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