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Homework 1: Connecting requirements and architecture using partial behavior models In this assignment you will explore the relation between functional requirements specifications and an architecture-level behavioral specification of a software system. Initially, we provide you with a partial MTS-based behavioral specification of an event-based system that pumps water out of a mine (we will refer to it as MIDAS MinePump ). MIDAS MinePump comprises seven components whose behavior is described below: Controller , GasSensor , WaterSensor , Pump , Admin , Monitor , and EnergyControl . The behavior of these components is only partially specified – i.e., there exists underspecified (maybe) behavior that should be further explored and refined. Hence, the goal of this assignment is to refine the provided behavioral specification. In the first part of the assignment, we provide a set of additional requirements that need to be incorporated into the MTS specification. In the second part, you are asked to (1) propose new requirements based on the MTS specification and (2) discuss how these requirements refine the behavioral specification upon acceptance/rejection. MIDAS MinePump Specification Figure 1 depicts the MIDAS MinePump components and their connections. Most of the components have some variability in their behavior. In the remainder of this section, we describe the role of the different components and events in the system. Furthermore, we discuss the underspecified and variable behavior in each component’s behavioral description. At a high-level, MIDAS MinePump is a system that monitors the water level in a mine with a WaterSensor and controls the water using a Pump . To reduce the water level, Controller can start pumping water by switching the Pump on. The system can also have GasSensor that measures the level of methane, which can explode when the pump is working while methane is present in the mine. A system administrator can use Admin component to initialize the system, look at usage statistics, and perform additional changes. Monitor overlooks the Pump usage, while EnergyControl can be used to conserve energy, or, alternatively, work at full power when deemed appropriate. Figure 1. The architecture of MIDAS MinePump
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The MIDAS MinePump components have the following roles: 1. Admin – this component can have functionality for (1) starting the system, (2) allowing an administrator to see pump usage statistics, and (3) allowing an administrator to change the energy consumption mode for the Pump . The maybe transitions in Admin ’s MTS model capture unknowns about (a) which of the two system variants will be employed for the particular instance – one that uses GasSensor or the other one that does not, and (b) whether the system will have functionality for energy conservation (i.e., whether EnergyControl is used). 2.
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Homework%201 - Homework 1 Connecting requirements and...

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