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Homework 3 - Homework #3 Assignment In the last assignment...

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Unformatted text preview: Homework #3 Assignment In the last assignment you were tasked with designing an architecture for the C4 system that achieves particular requirements and use cases. In this assignment, you will be provided with the C4 system architecture designed by a development team. Your assignment is to model the provided C4 architecture in the architecture description language C2SADEL. The description of the C4 architecture and C2SADEL syntax and semantics are provided in supplementary files on the course website. 1 For every C4 component whose behavior is modeled in the provided architectural description that is provided in the supplementary files, you will define its interface and static behavior (i.e., component invariant as well as operation pre-conditions and post-conditions). The interfaces and static behaviors of each component should match the components corresponding state machine (i.e., dynamic behavior): if you need to modify the former, that modification must be reflected in the latter, as...
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