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Final7 - BIBC 120 — Nutrition Midterm Name Version A Last...

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Unformatted text preview: BIBC 120 — Nutrition Midterm Name: Version A Last First Question 4. A few months after the floods that inundated large areas of Bangladesh, aid workers were still finding entire communities trapped by the water and living off the stalks and roots of the remains of their rice plants and the remaining stores of rice grain. The children looked semi normal but with bulging bellies while the adults (who ate less and gave more of the food to the children) looked more emaciated (skin and bones). a. What disease might the children have or be developing and how has their diet played a role in the development of the disease? (4 points) b. Blood work done on the children showed high levels of liver proteins indicating that the children were suffering from liver breakdown from a condition somewhat equivalent to cirrhosis. If the children had no alcohol consumption at all, how could their livers look like cirrhosed livers? Trace the development of their condition based on their diet and metabolism in the human body. (5 points} ‘ c. What disease do the adults have? How has their diet played a role in the development of the disease? (3 points) copyright to 2009 by Lakshmi Chilukuri 9 ...
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