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Contamination of vials from manufacturers is

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Unformatted text preview: amination of vials from manufacturers is documented Receiving and verification of product Correct dosage form and concentration Verification of product received to packing slip Packing slips should be matched to invoices before payment Procedure for returns/damaged goods Storing Pharmaceuticals Storing pharmaceuticals Expiration dates should be examined Expiration reports can be used to monitor stock Stock rotation Refrigeration units with electronic temperature monitoring Backup power sources Segregate look alike products to avoid errors Insurance for all inventory Based on average of on-hand inventory Other Inventory Issues Controlled substances Specific ordering, receiving, documentation, and storage Special forms (DEA 222) and lead time for ordering required Investigational agents Expired drugs Recalls “Free” drug Summary The oncology market is a rapidly growing segment of healthcare GPO’s can provide practices with valuable services Selection of a GPO is dependent upon contracts, relationships, and services provided Pressures will continue to grow on practices with regard to reimbursement and the ability to provide cost-effective care to all patients Inventory management and control is a critical function for all practices...
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