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Final15 - BIBC‘ 120 — Nutrition Midterm Name Version A...

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Unformatted text preview: BIBC‘ 120 — Nutrition Midterm Name: Version A Last First I). In order to lose weight, the Atkins diet has to be done right. Explain three ways in which the diet can be done wrong and not result in weight loss. (6 points) c. What is the function of the high protein intake in the Atkins diet. (3 points) d. Why would you not want to start a ketogenic diet just before an important final? (3 points) Do NOT write below these fines. Question 10 Adiposity or the size and number of adipocytes is important in a number of ways. a. How does leptin reflect adiposity and how does it reflect recent energy consumption? (4 points) copyright © 2009 by Lakshmi Chilukuri 17 ...
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