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finalreview - The final exam will have format similar to...

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Math125-002 Fall 2009 Final Exam Review Date: Monday, December 14 th 4:30—7:15 Book closed. Calculator and any notes may not be used. Exam will cover the topics covered by Exams 1,2,3, and sections 12.1 – 12.2. In section 12.1 you may skip the discussion of generating function (bottom of p. 375; after Pause 8). In section 12.2 you may skip Kirchhoff Theorem, Pause 9, Pause 10, and the Proof of Theorem 12.2.3. (but I would like you to use this theorem when solving homework problem 3 in 12.2). In homework problem 2 in 12.2, you may skip ”find the total number of spanning trees”.
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Unformatted text preview: The final exam will have format similar to semester exams. The exam will contain 22 problems, but you will have to solve 20. You have to indicate which two problems you choose to exclude. If you forget to make your choice, I will grade the first 20 problems. There will not be extra credit for solving more than 20 problems. Each problem is worth 10 points, so the maximum possible score for the final is 200....
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