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ACTSC 372 - Corporate Finance 2 Assignment 1 – Due Thursday Jan 27th 3:30 pm in the drop boxes in MC (3rd floor by elevators) Question 1: Assume we have for two securities, A and B , μ A = 5% B = 10% A = 10% B = 25% AB = - 50% . (a) Find the minimum variance portfolio. What is the expected return and vari- ance of this portfolio? (b) Give a sketch of the efficient frontier for these two securities. Clearly show where the portfolio found in part (a), along with the portfolios containing 100% investment in securities A and B respectively appear in your graph. Question 2: Let M be the market portfolio, and suppose for this question that R M = 15% M = 20% , and suppose the risk-free rate is 5% . (a) Plot the CML. What is the slope of the CML? (b) Security X has a beta of 1.5. What is the expected return on X ? (c) Sketch the SML, clearly showing the market portfolio and the security X . What is the slope of the SML? (d) Let Y be a typical security. The quantity
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Unformatted text preview: R Y-r f β Y is called the Traynor Ratio of Y . What can be said of the Traynor Ratios of securities on the SML? (e) Suppose the security A has a Traynor Ratio of 4.5%. Is it overpriced or underpriced, according to CAPM? Explain. Question 3: Q 5 from Chapter 11 in the Workbook. Question 4: Suppose you hold 1 unit of security X , where μ X = 10% and σ X = 15% . Now suppose you are considering investing an additional amount of money, c in another security Y , where μ Y = 7% and σ Y = 10% . Suppose the correlation of the returns on X and Y is ρ . (a) How much should we invest in Y to generate a minimum variance portfolio (in dollar returns!) as a function of ρ . What is the return and standard deviation of this portfolio? (b) For what value(s) of ρ (if any) is the standard deviation of the new portfolio 1 / 2 that of the original portfolio? 1...
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