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CE 2001: Analytical Mechanics II Assignment 1 Due: 01 NOV 2010 1. The pin is subjected to double shear since it connects three links together. Due to wear, the load is distributed over the top and bottom of the pin as shown on the free body diagram. Determine the diameter d of the pin if the allowable shear stress is τ allow = 10 ksi and the load P = 8 kip . Also, determine the load intensities w 1 and w 2 . 2. The rigid beam is supported by a pin at A and wires BD and CE . If the load P on the beam causes the end C to be displaced 10 mm downward, determine the normal strain developed in wires CE and BD .
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3. A tension test was performed on a steel specimen having an original diameter of 0.502 in. and gauge length of 2.00 in. The data is listed in the table. Plot the stress-strain diagram and determine approximately the modulus of elasticity, the yield stress, the ultimate stress, and the rupture stress. Use a scale of 1 in. = 20 ksi and 1 in. = 0.05 in./in. Redraw the elastic region, using the same stress scale but a strain scale of 1 in. = 0.001 in./in.
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CE2001-assignment1 - CE 2001 Analytical Mechanics II...

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