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La Plante 1 Ashley La Plante AP US Gov Altieri – Per 4 It’s a team sport September of 2001 was a month that will forever be on the record books, for more than one reason. Not only was it an event that devastated the country, but it galvanized the country as well. While it did bring the country together as a whole, this sense of nationalism has continued even years after the damage of the September 11 th attacks. Americans are returning to their lives with a renewed sense of patriotism and loyalty to this nation. In Robert Putnam’s book Bowling Alone, he explores the lack of participation in social capital groups such as The Lions Club, Girl/Boy Scouts and The Rotary Clubs. In the follow up to his book, mainly in response to the events of September 11 th , he wrote Bowling Together , which takes an in-depth look into the increase of reciprocity, especially within the younger generations. September 11 th served as a galvanizing event which throw the country into the “fog of war”; although, this fog has lifted but America has continued with its newfound generosity and continued with its volunteer oriented life style. It was Errol Morris, the director of Gates of Heaven and The Thin Blue Line, who coined the term “fog of war”, in his documentary, Fog of War , “which refers to the uncertainty that descends over a battlefield once fighting begins” (Wiki). This time, the
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Bowling - La Plante 1 Ashley La Plante AP US Gov Altieri...

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