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Ashley La Plante AP US Gov Ch. 11 Q’s 1) For Congressional elections – Senators are elected every two years and remain in office for six years. House of Representatives’ elections are elected every two years for a two-year term. Every state has two senators; the number of representatives is based on state population. The number of seats changes due to the census that is taken every ten years – as population of a state increases or decreases, so does its representation. Redistricting is use to accommodate changes or shirts in population, making the districts all equal. Gerrymandering is the less legitimate form of redistricting – district lines are drawn to benefit a certain group or party. An example is for a large rich region to be a district all in its own while the urban areas make up others. The districts are not an equal mix of urban, suburban and rural areas. 2) Our Congress has a bicameral make-up, meaning there are two parts to it. One, the Senate, consists of 100 senators (two from each of the fifty states). The other, the House of Representatives, consists of 435 members (proportioned by population throughout the fifty states). These two houses were given emulated powers which are powers given directly to Congress by the Founding Fathers in the Constitution. Between the two chambers, each side of Congress has both its pros and cons. There are seven important functions that Congress performs. These include representation, policy clarification, and investigation. Through representation, each state is represented in each chamber where reps express
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ch11q - Ashley La Plante AP US Gov Ch 11 Qs 1 For...

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