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Unformatted text preview: Angel: Interactive Computer Graphics, Fourth Edition Chapter 8 Solutions 8.1 Suppose that we move across a scanline left to right starting on the outside of a polygon. Assume that 0 corresponds to the background color and 1 is the edge and fill color. As we move across the scanline we replace each point by the exclusive or of its value with the value of the point on the left (which has already been processed). If we start on the outside of any polygon, we can assume the first point is a 0. Thus as long as we remain outside the first polygon we generate 0 0 = 0. When we encounter the first edge, a 1, we compute 1 0 = 1 (that is we have a 0 from the last point XORed with the edge). As we proceed inside the polygon we compute 1 0 = 1 because we have a 1 from the last XOR and a 0 from the unfilled point. When we encounter the second edge, we compute 1 1 = 0, thus returning to our initial situation 8.3 The major problem is that the environment map is computed without the object in the scene. Thus, all global lighting calculations of which it should be a part are incorrect. These errors can be most noticeable if there are other reective objects will now not show the reection of the removed object. Other errors can be caused by the removed object no longer blocking light and by its shadows being missing. Other visual errors can be due to distortions in the mapping of the environment to a simple shape,...
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ch08oddslns - Angel: Interactive Computer Graphics, Fourth...

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