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The Jungle Book: Mowgli's Story by Rudyard Kipling "Mowgli's Brothers" 1. Where were cubs taken once they were able to stand? If they were accepted into the pack, what were they able to do? How were they protected? 2. How was Mowgli accepted into the wolf pack? 3. What did Bagheera ask Mowgli to get? How did Mowgli use it? 4. What did Mowgli tell the pack he would do? 5. Write a summary paragraph over "Mowgli's Brothers." "Kaa's Hunting" 1. What did most wolf cubs learn from Baloo, and what did Mowgli learn? 2. Why didn't Baloo want Mowgli talking to the Monkey People?
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Unformatted text preview: 3. How did Baloo and Bagheera follow Mowgli to the place where the Monkey People were holding him? 4. Why did the Monkey People think they were great, and what did Mowgli think of them? 5. Write a summary paragraph over "Kaa's Hunting." "Tiger! Tiger!" 1. What did Mowgli have to do to live in a man village? 2. What job was Mowgli given, and why was he given it? 3. How did Mowgli plan to attack Shere Khan, and who helped him? 4. How did the man village treat Mowgli after his kill? 5. Write a summary paragraph over "Tiger! Tiger!"...
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