2010FEATS1010ASSIGN1 - EATS1010 Fall 2010 Assignment #1 Due...

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EATS1010 Fall 2010 Assignment #1 Due at your respective laboratory session Sept 27th - Oct5th, (10 minutes prior to the end of the lab period. Hand it in to your TA only.) Marks will be deducted if you do not explain your methods or do not show all relevant steps in your calculations. Summarize your results with a closing statement for each part. You may discuss your assignment in groups but then you must go and do it on your own i.e ., submissions with the same numerical errors or identical layouts, etc., will be carefully scrutinized by the markers for inappropriate collaboration. Question 1: Solar Fusion: Energy Output and Solar Constant (15 marks) In a main sequence star such as our Sun, a fusion reaction is ongoing that releases energy: the pp chain, in which four hydrogen-1 nuclei (single protons) become one helium nucleus (alpha particle). The resulting mass is less than the initial mass: this ‘mass loss’ is the source of Sun’s energy which can be calculated from the equation: E= m*c 2 , where E is the energy released; m is the ‘missing’ mass; and c is the speed of light, 3.0 * 10 5 km/s . The mass of one proton is 1.008 a.m.u (atoms mass unit: the mass of a carbon-12 nucleus is defined to be 12 a. .m.u). The mass of a helium-4 nucleus is 4.003 a.m.u: there is a deficit. 1 a.m.u = 1.66*10 -27 kg and it is estimated that 3.6 × 10 38 protons are converted into helium nuclei every second. A. What is the energy released in a single reaction where four protons one He nucleus? (4 marks)
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2010FEATS1010ASSIGN1 - EATS1010 Fall 2010 Assignment #1 Due...

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