Economy Artilce[1]

Economy Artilce[1] - it includes(but is not limited to artists musicians media and tech experts Being in the technology age the younger generation

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District seeks to encourage bohemian class 1. Voice of the Hill: The Capital Hill Current 2. 26 SEPT 2007 3. Wiener, Elizabeth 4. On-line: < gory/0/op/extended/article/62> 5. Economy 6. The nation’s capital is looking to expand its economy by jumping to a “creative economy”. The Bohemian population, otherwise referred to as the “creative-class”,
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Unformatted text preview: it includes (but is not limited to) artists, musicians, media, and tech experts. Being in the technology age, the younger generation is using, purchasing and consuming thousands of technological devices every year, generating revenue and capital for the economy. In order to invite these young people into lucrative careers, Washington is looking to lure these young people into its technological industries....
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