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Foregin Policy - Putin: Russia wants medium-range missiles...

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Putin: Russia wants medium-range missiles By Adrian Blomfield in Moscow Last Updated: 1:37am BST 15/10/2007 President Vladimir Putin has dealt a fresh blow to the West’s security guarantees when he raised the possibility that Russia could build medium-range nuclear weapons capable of hitting Europe. warning during a tetchy meeting with Condoleezza Rice, the US secretary of state, and Robert Gates, the American defence secretary, who were in Moscow hoping to end an impasse over Washington’s plans to erect an anti-missile shield on former Warsaw Pact territory. But the Russian foreign minister Sergei Lavrov warned that Moscow would be forced to take measures to “neutralize” the shield if it is built as planned. Mr Putin has already said that Russia would target its nuclear arsenal at Europe for the first time since the Cold War if the shield is not moved from its proposed locations in Poland and the Czech Republic. In order to hit Europe, Russia could theoretically move its small stock of short-range missiles into the Baltic exclave of Kaliningrad. But Moscow’s capability of carrying out an effective nuclear strike on European soil is hampered by the Intermediate Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty of 1987, which sought the
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Foregin Policy - Putin: Russia wants medium-range missiles...

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