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political party support - Star power By Scot Lehigh...

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Star power By Scot Lehigh December 12, 2007 MANCHESTER, N.H. OPRAH WINFREY'S Sunday appearance here for Barack Obama was a compelling event, but will it have a lasting impact? MORE STORIES LIKE THIS Endorsements serve several purposes: They can highlight a candidate's record and leadership, draw a crowd for the hopeful to address, win him or her media coverage, and help in recruiting political troops. Oprah, whose star power also brought out large audiences in Iowa and South Carolina, was an obvious success in the last three categories. Because her high-profile endorsement invites comparison, I asked most of the campaigns for a list of some of their significant or interesting supporters. Here's my subjective (and necessarily non-exhaustive) take on those endorsements. Hillary Clinton counts Secretary of State Madeleine Albright in her camp and also has the nod of former NATO commander Wesley Clark. But here are five people who may ultimately prove more important to her: in Iowa, former governor Tom Vilsack; and in New Hampshire, First Lady Dr. Susan Lynch; former first husband Bill
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Shaheen, a savvy politico; Terie Norelli, the Democrats' first female speaker of the House; and Manchester state Senator Lou D'Allesandro. In Iowa, Senator Joe Biden's campaign points to the 14
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political party support - Star power By Scot Lehigh...

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