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polivcal support - Tony Dolz These policies discriminate...

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The Democratic Party Supports Discrimination –  Witness the Dream Act Amnesty Tony Dolz October 23, 2007 These policies discriminate based on origin because 80% of illegal aliens are from Latin America, yet Latin Americans represent only 8% of the world’s population. This means Latin Americans benefit from illegal migration and amnesty for illegal aliens at a rate 30 times greater than non-Latin Americans. Amazingly, this is the same party that in 1965 changed US immigration law to "end immigration discrimination"! In 1963 President Kennedy submitted legislation that would become the 1965 Immigration Reform Act, explaining that it was for: The "Elimination of Discrimination Based on National Origins .... The use of a national origins system is without basis in either logic or reason. . .... such a system is an anachronism, for it discriminates among applicants for admission into the United States on the basis of accident of birth." President Kennedy also said: "natives of no one country should receive over 10 percent of the total quota Numbers authorized in any one year. This will insure that the pattern of immigration is not distorted by excessive demand from any one country." Unfortunately although President Kennedy's legislation was enacted into law, immigration discrimination has not ended, only the countries involved have changed. Mexicans account for about 32% of recent US legal immigrants and legalized illegal aliens and 80% of illegal aliens. Other Latin American countries also have high percentages compared to their world population percentage. These percentages are so high because of past illegal alien amnesties and continued allowance of illegal migration. If another illegal alien amnesty was passed, these percentages for Mexico and other Latin American countries would further increase. The Heritage Foundation has estimated that if the current 30 million (number from research by Bear and Stearns, the Heritage Foundation and the California for Immigration Stabilization) illegal aliens in the country now are given amnesty, that with family
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polivcal support - Tony Dolz These policies discriminate...

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