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AP A. Gov Notes Ch. 1.

AP A. Gov Notes Ch. 1. - power and consequences Government...

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Ch 1: Constitutional Democracy: America has a government that has withstood many hardships, yet it is such a fragile government. Major events such as September 11th can inspire many to rethink patriotism and what it means to be a citizen. These events unified politicians and ended bipartisanism on many accounts. The government was beginning to unite over these dramatic events and people were beginning to look at the government with a more positive outlook. American Government and Politics in Context Not many democracies have lasted this long - democracy is taught at a very young age. Thomas Jefferson = champion of constitutional democracy. He fully understood it's
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Unformatted text preview: power and consequences. Government by the people requires faith concerning our common human enterprise. Constitutional democracy requires constant attention to protecting the rights and opinions of others. Constitutional democracy is necessarily government by representative politicians. Much pressure is put on our politicians by the people - wee have unrealistic expectations of politicians. Defining Democracy Democracy is not even listed in the DOI or the Constitution. Democracies like the Roman Empire and the Greeks have fallen so it is a fragile state of government....
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