Iran Article - Iran airs its version of encounter with U.S....

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Iran airs its version of encounter with U.S. ships Story Highlights Iran's Press TV airs video it says shows Sunday's naval incident between Iran, U.S. Tape shows Iranian boats, U.S. ships calmly exchanging information U.S. says the video leaves out the part where Iranian boats raced toward ships Radio transmission that may have come from boats threatened ships, U.S. says TEHRAN, Iran (CNN) -- Iran on Thursday released video of its naval forces interacting with U.S. coalition warships in the Persian Gulf region -- but unlike video from the Pentagon, it did not show a threatening exchange. The shaky five-minute video aired on Iran's Press TV -- widely viewed as the mouthpiece for Iran's Islamic Revolution Guards Corps -- and was posted on Press TV's Web site. U.S. National Security Adviser Stephen Hadley said Sunday's incident in the Strait of Hormuz "almost involved an exchange of fire between our forces and Iranian forces." Iran maintains that it was a routine communication and accuses the United States of exaggerating the incident for political purposes. The Iranian video is shot from a watercraft that does not appear to be moving. For the first 2½ minutes, the camera zooms in on what appears to be three U.S. coalition warships, some distance away, and a helicopter flying above the vessels. The video occasionally stops and restarts. The audio contains crosstalk in Farsi by men who are not in the camera's view. About halfway into the video that was released on the Web site, a bearded man in an orange safety vest and a checkered scarf appears on the camera and begins speaking over the radio to one of the U.S. warships. The silhouettes of the U.S. naval ships can been seen on the horizon, a long distance away. The man hails the U.S. ship in English and the two vessels identify themselves.
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Iran Article - Iran airs its version of encounter with U.S....

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