Translation - Translation: Clarisa was born when not yet...

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Translation: Clarisa was born when not yet existed the electric light in the city, saw for television to the first astronaut levitating on the surface of the moon and died of amazement when the Pope of visit arrived and you left to the encounter the homosexuals disguised of nuns. He had passed the infancy among you kill of ferns and lit runners by lamps of oil. The days elapsed slow in that epoch. Clarisa never adapted to the starts of the days of today, always seemed me that was person under arrest in the air sepia color of a portrait of another century. I suppose that some time had virginal waist, funny postage and profile of medallion, but when I knew it already was a somewhat eccentric elder, with the shoulders raised as two smooth humps and her noble head crowned by a sebaceous cyst, like an egg of dove, around which she rolled up her white hairs. It had a capable, deep and mischievous look to penetrate the most hidden wickedness and to return intact. In its many years of existence reached fame of saint and after its death many have its photography in a domestic altar, next to other venerable images, to ask him aid in the smaller difficulties, in spite of the fact that its prestige of miraculous is not recognized by the Vatican one and with security never will be it, because the benefits offered by her are of capricious kind: does not cure blind as the Saint lit up Neither it finds husband for the single women as San Antonio, but they say that helps to bear the discomfort of the drunkenness, the blunders of the conscription and the spying of the solitude. Its prodigies are humble and improbable, but as necessary as the ostentatious wonders of the saints of cathedral. I knew it in my adolescence, when I worked as a maid at home of The Lady, a lady at night, as called Clarisa to those of that position. Already then was almost pure spirit, seemed always on the verge of separating of the floor and to leave flying through the window. It had hands of faith healer and who they could not pay a doctor or they were disappointed of the traditional science they expected shift so that she alleviated him the pains or he consoled him of the bad luck. My patroness was used to calling it so that he applied him the hands in the back. In transit, Clarisa stirred at heart of The Lady for the purpose of twisting him the life and to conduct it for the roads of God, roads that the other did not have greater urgency in traveling through, because that decision would have injured its business. Clarisa delivered him the curative heat of its palms for ten or fifteen minutes, according to the intensity of the pain, and then accepted a juice of fruit as reward by its services. Seated face to face in the kitchen, the two women chatted on the human thing and the divine thing, my patroness more than the human thing and she more than the divine thing, without betraying the tolerance and the severity of the good ways. Later I changed of employment and I lost sight of to Clarisa to a pair of decades later, in which we find
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Translation - Translation: Clarisa was born when not yet...

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