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1 EATS1010, Fall 2010. Laboratory Exercise #2. PHYSICAL PROPERTIES OF MINERALS Lab. Section: Your Name: ANSWERS Student Number Your Partners in Discussing the Exercises In preparation for this lab you should read the following pages of your text : pages 166 - 188, 220 - 223. Bring your textbook with you to the lab. Marks will be deducted for incomplete or sloppy answers. Although there are thousands of known minerals, over 99% of the rocks on Earth are made up of fewer than 20 minerals. In these laboratory exercises you will examine the properties of these 'rock forming' minerals. The object of this exercise is to use the physical properties of crystalline solids to identify common rock forming minerals. Specifically, you will learn to use: Table A.1 and Table A.2 (pages from custom book: 220 - 223) 1. LUSTRE: You are provided with the following samples: Mineral Number (#) Mineral Name Lustre 78/23 Pyrite Metallic 28 Quartz Vitreous (glassy) 33 Chalk Dull Earthy 81/31 Talc Pearly Examine each sample and be sure that you can recognise each type of lustre before moving on. 2. COLOUR, STREAK AND LUSTRE: 7.5 marks: 1/2 mark per entry that was not in the textbook tables Use the streak plates (made of unglazed porcelain) along with your recently acquired knowledge of lustre to determine the colour, streak and lustre of the given minerals. non- silicates 2 checks 1 check 3 checks mineral # mineral name colour streak lustre 22 magnetite black (colourless) black metallic (almost) 75, 74, 27, 26 hematite varies: brown - red red-brown earthy 73 limonite brown yellow-brown earthy 66, 16 sphalerite brown-yellow
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EATS1010ASSIGN2ANS - EATS1010, Fall 2010. Laboratory...

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