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(adapted from Programming Project 2, p. 127 of the textbook) Implement an array-based program that manages a collection of DVDs. The data for each DVD will consist of a title, category, running time, year of release, and price. The user must be able to add new DVDs to the collection, remove a DVD, edit information stored for a DVD, list all DVDs in a specified category (or all DVDs if no category is specified), and find & display a DVD in the collection given its title. the user should also be able to sort the collection of DVDs by year, by title, or by category. The program must be able to read and save a collection to file. You MUST create a class to represent each DVD object. The collection of DVDs must be an
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Unformatted text preview: array of objects of the class type. NOTE - NO user input stuff should be inside any classes. I will not grade favorably any work that has cin statements and prompt messages anywhere but inside the main application program (or functions thereof). Bonus Opportunity (30 points) - In addition to creating the class to represent the DVD object, create a class implement the collection of DVDs. The functionality required of the collection should be implemented within the class (or by friends of the class), and the application program should respond to user commands by invoking the appropriate methods of the class....
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