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Copy of JobDiagnosticSurvey

Copy of JobDiagnosticSurvey - JOB DIAGNOSTIC SURVEY(Short...

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JOB DIAGNOSTIC SURVEY (Short Form) On the following pages you will find several different kinds of questions about your job. The questions are designed to obtain your perceptions of your job and your reactions to it. Your individual answers will be kept completely confidential. Please answer each item as honestly and as frankly as you can. Specific instructions are given at the start of each section. Please read them carefully. It should take no more than 10 minutes to complete the entire questionnaire. Please move through i SECTION ONE Instead, try to make your descriptions as accurate and as objective as you possibly can. A sample question is given below. A) To what extent does your job require you to work with mechanical equipment? Very little; the job requires Moderately Very much; the job requires almost no contact with almost constant work with mechanical equipment of mechanical equipment. any kind. If, for example, your job requires you to work with mechanical equipment a good deal of the time- but also requires some paperwork-you might enter the number six, as was done in the example abov If you do not understand these instructions, please ask for assistance. If you do understand them, p -BEGIN HERE- (either "clients," or people in related jobs in your own organization)? Very little; dealing with Moderately; some dealing Very much; dealing with other people is not at all with others is necessary. other people is an absolutely necessary. essential and crucial part in doing the job. 2) How much autonomy is there in your job? That is, to what extent does your job permit you to decide on your own how to go about doing the work Very litte; the job gives me Moderate autonomy; Very much, the job gives me There are no trick questions. This part of the questionnaire asks you to describe your job, as objectively as you can. Please do not use this part of the questionnaire to show how much you like or dislike your job. 1--------------2 --------------3 --------------4 -------------- 5 ------------- 6 ------------7 Select the number which is the most accurate description of your job, and enter it in the yellow box 1) To what extent does your job require you to work closely with other people 1--------------2 --------------3 --------------4 -------------- 5 ------------- 6 ------------7 1--------------2 --------------3 --------------4 -------------- 5 ------------- 6 ------------7
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almost no personal "say" many things arr almost complete responsibility about how and when the standardized and for deciding how and when work is done. but I can make some the work is done. dcisions about the work That is, is the job a complete piece of work that has an obvious beginning and end? Or is it only a small part of the overall piece of work, which is finished by other people or by automatic
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Copy of JobDiagnosticSurvey - JOB DIAGNOSTIC SURVEY(Short...

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