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Diversity Brian Chadwick Rasmussen College B250 Section 01 Training and Development Professor Lewis E. Alston June 15, 2009
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Diversity 1. Everyone should learn about cultural differences. 5 = strongly agree 2. Cultural diversity is a valuable resource and should be preserved. 4 = agree 3. Trainers should plan activities that meet the diverse needs of trainees from different cultural backgrounds. 5 = strongly agree 4. I am comfortable around students or coworkers whose cultural heritage is different from my own. 5 = strongly agree 5. Cultural diversity is a positive force in the development of modern society. 5 = strongly agree 6. Every culture has something positive to contribute to modern society. 4 = agree 7. Each person should feel pride in his or her own heritage. 4 = agree 8. I enjoy being around people who are different from me. 5 = strongly agree Where I work there is a great deal of diversity from middle aged men and women to young adults to teen-age boys and girls along with racial diversity. The biggest issue that I face
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bchadwick_diversity_061509 - Diversity Brian Chadwick...

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