301 F10 Worksheet 3 Sparks Key

301 F10 Worksheet 3 Sparks Key - CH 301 Worksheet 3 Dr....

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CH 301 Worksheet 3 Dr. Sparks, Fall 2010 Things you should know about the periodic table: Which column are the: Alkali metals Alkaline earth metals Halogens Noble gases Transition metals Where are the metals? The nonmetals? Where is the dividing line between them? Where are the metalloids? 1. In your own words, what is Heisenberg's uncertainty principle? Heisenberg's uncertainty principle states that the position and momentum of a particle can never been known exactly or simultaneously - there is a minimum amount of error (uncertainty) in any measurement of those two properties of a particle. 2. What equation describes Heisenberg's uncertainty principle? Diagram the equation. Heisenberg's uncertainty principle is described by the equation Δx·Δp ≥ /2, which states that the uncertainty in the position (Δx, meters, m) times the uncertainty in the linear momentum (Δp, kg·m·s- 1) is at least equal to the reduced Planck constant ( = h/2π, joule second, J·s) over two. (Note that it can also be greater than this value, but is at least equal to it.) The uncertainty in the linear momentum, Δp, is equal to the mass of the particle times the uncertainty in its velocity.
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3. What is the term for a region where there is zero probability of finding a particle? A region of zero probability is called a "node." 4. Use the deBroglie equation to estimate the following values. a) the wavelength of a 70.0 kg person traveling at 6.0 mi/hr. (1600 m = 1 mi)  = h/(m*v)  λ v = 6.0 mi/hr * 1600 m/mi * 1 hr/3600 s = 2.67 m/s   = 6.63  λ E-34 J∙s /(70 kg * 2.67 m/s)   6.63  E-34 kgm 2 s -1  /(186 kgms -1   6.63 
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301 F10 Worksheet 3 Sparks Key - CH 301 Worksheet 3 Dr....

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