ABORTION - In 1973, a court case, Roe v. Wade was brought...

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In 1973, a court case, Roe v. Wade was brought upon the Supreme Court stating that women should have the right to have an abortion during the first six months of the pregnancy. At this time abortion was illegal in the majority of the states unless the pregnancy was threatening the carrier’s health. As a result of this case, the court ruled that abortions can only refused during the final three months of pregnancy, the final stages. Although this decision satisfied women’s rights groups, this had caused a commotion with many others. There are many ways to perform an abortion depending on how far along the pregnancy the woman is. If the woman is forty nine days pregnant, she may choose to either take a drug to expel the fetus, or use a syringe to suck the embryo out. If the woman has been six to fourteen weeks pregnant, the physician will hook a tube up to a suction machine to remove of the fetus. Second trimester abortions usually require for dilation of the cervix, and last trimester abortions are only performed if the fetus is in danger. The longer the woman waits to have the abortion, the more complicated the procedure becomes. Throughout the years, abortion has been one of the most controversial issues that have been debated upon by persons of many opinions. These debates consisted of whether abortion is ethical, or whether it should be legalized. Within the complex battle,
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ABORTION - In 1973, a court case, Roe v. Wade was brought...

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