120A midterm 2 key spring2010

120A midterm 2 key spring2010 - CHEMISTRY 120A - Inorganic...

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CHEMISTRY 120A - Inorganic Chemistry EXAM 2 Tuesday, May 18 th 2010 Guidelines (Please Read Carefully): This is an Open Book and Open Note Exam. Laptops, PDA’s, iPhones/Blackberries, Cell Phones or Calculators are prohibited. Anyone observed using these items will be excused from the Exam and will receive Zero Credit . Show Your Work: You will not receive maximum credit unless your work is clearly shown in the spaces provided. Do not attach additional work sheets (these will not be graded). This Exam Consists of 6 Questions and 6 Pages. Good Luck!! Question 1 ________/ 10 Question 2 ________/ 15 Question 3 ________/ 30 Question 4 ________/ 15 Question 5 ________/ 20 Question 6 ________/ 10 NAME: ______ANSWER KEY______________ SECTION: ______________________________ PID: ___________________________________ TOTAL
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1 (10 Points): Name the following compounds and indicate the oxidation state of the transition-metal atoms with Roman numerals: A) [Fe(NH 3 ) 6 ]SO 4 B) MoCl 4 (H 2 O) 2 Hexaamineiron(II) Sulfate Di(aqua)tetrachloromolybdenum(IV) C) ClTi(OCH 3 ) 3 D) Pd(PPh 3 ) 3 Chloro(trimethoxy)titanium(IV) Tris(triphenylphosphine)palladium(0) Question 2 (10 Points, 2.5 ea). State the types of isomerism that may be exhibited by the following complexes, and draw structures of the isomers (ox = oxalate, en = ethylenediamine):
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120A midterm 2 key spring2010 - CHEMISTRY 120A - Inorganic...

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