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BIOL 1510 - Ch 22 notes - 20 Sept 2009 Margo Clark BIOL...

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20 Sept 2009 Margo Clark BIOL 1510 Chapter 22 Group Notes Chapter 22: Descent with Modification; a Darwinian View of Life evolution – descent with modification; a change in the genetic composition of a population from generation to generation Scala Naturae Aristotle’s suggestion that life-forms could be arranged on a ladder, or scale of increasing complexity; each species is fixed and permanent Carolus Linneaus – developed binomial naming system for species and nested classification system fossils – remains or traces of organisms from the past strata – layers of sediment developed over time paleontology – study of fossils Georges Cuvier – developed paleontology by observing changes in fossils in differing strata; advocated catastrophism not evolution catastrophism – principle that events in the past occurred suddenly and were caused by mechanisms different than those operating in the present speculated that each boundary between strata correlated with a catastrophe that destroyed many species James Hutton – proposed that Earth’s geologic features could be explained by gradual mechanisms still operating Charles Lyell – proposed uniformitarianism ; mechanisms of change are constant over time Hutton & Lyell greatly influenced Darwin
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Jean-Baptiste Lamarck first to propose a mechanism for evolutionary changes in fossil patterns use and disuse theory – parts of the body used extensively become
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BIOL 1510 - Ch 22 notes - 20 Sept 2009 Margo Clark BIOL...

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