Chapter 51 - Chapter 51, 5 and 10. D iscrete sensory inputs...

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Chapter 51, 5 and 10. Discrete sensory inputs can stimulate both simple and compelx behaviours Proximate causation : How is a behaviour caused. Ultimate causation : Why a behaviour occurs through evolution. Behavioural ecology is the study of the ecological and evolutionary causes of an animals behaviour. This is the basis of proximate and ultimate causation. Fixed Action Patterns are a sequence of unlearned facts that are unchangeable and usually go on till completion. They are normally initiated by a sign stimulus. Oriented Movement Kinesis : This is a change in turning rate due to a stimulus. Taxis : This is a movement toward or away from a stimulus. Migration: This is a long distance change in location. Animal Signals and Communication A signal is a stimulus transmitted from one animal to another. Communication is how the signals are received and transmitted. This is displayed in the courtship behaviour of the fruit fly. Pheromones are chemical substances that are used as a form of transmission in animals. They are seen at work in honeybee and minnow communities. Learning establishes specific between experience ad behviour Individuals in the same populaton show the same behaviours. When behaviour is influenced by development, it is called
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Chapter 51 - Chapter 51, 5 and 10. D iscrete sensory inputs...

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