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Chapter 51-1 - Chapter 51-Animal behavior i. Animal...

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Chapter 51-Animal behavior i. Animal behavior is based on physiological systems and processes ii. A behavior is an action carried out by muscles or glands under the control of the nervous system in response to a stimulus iii. Behavior is subject to natural selection when it contributes to survival and reproduction. 51. 1 Discrete sensory inputs can stimulate both simple and complex behaviors i. An animal’s behavior is its response to external and internal stimuli ii. Ethology is scientific study of animal behavior, particularly in natural environments iii. Proximate causation-how Focus on environmental stimuli that causes behavior iv. Ultimate causation-why Evolutionary significance of a behavior Behavior ecology-study of the ecological and evolutionary basis for animal behavior It integrates proximate and ultimate explanations for animal behavior Fixed Action patterns i. It is a sequence of unlearned, innate behaviors that is unchangeable ii. A fixed action pattern is triggered by an external cue known as a sign stimulus. Kinesis and Taxsis i. A kinesis is a simple change in activity or turning rate in response to a stimulus Ex-different response of slow bugs in dry area and humid area ii. A taxis less automatic than kinesis, it has oriented movement toward or away from stimulus Migration i. Migration is a regular, long distance change in location ii. Animals can orient themselves using Position of the sun and circadian clock North star positioning Earth’s magnetic field Behavioral Rhythms i. The animal’s circadian rhythm, a daily cycle of rest and activity affects behaviors ii. Migration and reproduction are linked to changing seasons, or a circannual rhythm, and some are linked to lunar cycles
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Chapter 51-1 - Chapter 51-Animal behavior i. Animal...

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