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“No Name Woman” is a memoir about the author’s aunt. The aunt is disowned from the family due to adultery. When the aunt’s husband had gone away, she had cheated on him and gotten pregnant. This was obviously a big problem with the family. When the family found out about the pregnancy, they treated her in a very harsh manner. This caused her to commit suicide after she gave birth. This is all a story being told to Kingston, so that the same incident won’t happen again.
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Unformatted text preview: In “Cyclops”, a caring, nurturing, overprotective father is making up stories to tell to his children to keep them out of danger. Due to the stories, the children ended up growing up to be extremely cautious. The father would exaggerate on the consequences of their actions of they were not being careful. I understand that the stories were basically made up to keep the children safe, but how can you learn to live life without making mistakes?...
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