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OB Communication Competence

OB Communication Competence - 3 Conversational Management a...

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Communication Competence Instructions: Here is the additional information about communication competence that we went over briefly in class today. SIX CRITERIA FOR ASSESSING COMMUNICATION COMPETENCE 1. Adaptability (flexibility) a. The ability to change behaviors and goals to meet the needs of interaction 2. Conversational Involvement a. Behavioral and cognitive activity; Cognitive involvement demonstrated through interaction behaviors c. Assessed according to three factors 1. Responsiveness - knowing what to say, know roles, interact 2. Perceptiveness - be aware of how others perceive you 3. Attentiveness - listen, don’t be pre-occupied
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Unformatted text preview: 3. Conversational Management a. How communicators regulate their interactions c. Who controls the interaction ebb and flow and how smoothly the interaction proceeds d. How topics proceed and change 4. Empathy a. The ability to demonstrate understanding and share emotional reactions to the situation 5. Effectiveness a. Achieving the objectives of the conversation b. Achieving personal goals c. A fundamental criteria for determining competence 6. Appropriateness a. Upholding the expectations for a given situation b. A fundamental criteria for determining competence...
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