MYCHAL JUDGE - Father Mychal Judge An Authentic American...

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Father Mychal Judge: An Authentic American Hero By Michael Ford People believed that Mychal Judge was the way he was because he had no father figure in his life . He was born in Brooklyn on May 11, 1933, one of two twins. Mychal Judge was just like any other kid at the time, he went to school, and rode his bike and played stickball afterwards . Unfortunately, his father was admitted into a hospital due to a serious illness . For the three years that his father was in the hospital, Mychal did not have any physical contact with him; he was only able to wave to him through a glass window . That glass window was the only thing that provided them with any sense of communication . At the young age of six, his father passed away – a death too early, leaving Mychal with no one as a father figure in his life . Things became a struggle for his family, as his mother had to rent out rooms to help make ends meet . Being the only male role left in his family, Mychal had to take on many odd jobs, and even shined shoes in front of Grand Central Station and Penn Station to help his mother . His father’s death had left a big impact in Mychal Judge’s life . He never had a real father in his life and the only moments he was actually able to remember were of his father in a hospital . In missing out on a fatherly figure, he fathered other people in a way. It is believed that by assisting other people, especially firefighters, Judge was trying to fill the gap that he missed out on .
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In the 1970s, Mychal Judge’s mother passed away . Mrs. Judge was a good mother . She made her children feel as if they were living in the high middle class, even
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MYCHAL JUDGE - Father Mychal Judge An Authentic American...

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