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Real estate law EstoppelCertificate

Real estate law EstoppelCertificate - EXERCISE NUMBER 20 r...

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Unformatted text preview: EXERCISE NUMBER 20 _ r c I ESTOPPELCERTHHCATE .- v 'j RE: Lease agreement dated , 19V;~, between ‘wpv., ‘ r ‘ " as-landlord (r"’Land-l'ord"x)_;"a; . t i ., , . r v , ' ,l as tenant (“menant"),wconc‘ nmngithe’fioibcw,ng‘premises:m” V ‘ V (Descmiption « Address, Unit, Space #, suite, etc.)'(dalled "Premises"). The undersigned, as Tenant under the lease described above ("Lease"), hereby certifies that: ‘ ‘ ‘- 1. It has accepted and is in full and complete coedpandy and possession of the Premises demised, pursuant to the=Lease, and the Lease term commenced on . , l98__. Tenant took possession,on.' ,‘lBB;;. “ ‘ 2, The improvements and space required to be furnished according to the Lease have been satisfactorily completed in all respects, and have been completed in accordance with the plans and specifications, and the Landlord has fulfilled all of its duties of an inducement nature. 3. The Lease attached hereto as Exhibit A is a truer complete and correct copy thereof and the Lease has not been assigned, modified, supplemented or amended in any way, except as follows: 4. The Lease is in full force and effect and Tenant has no defenses, setoffs or counterclaims against Landlord arising out of the Lease or in any way relating thereto, or arising out of any other transaction between Tenant and Landlord. There are no defaults under the Lease by Landlord or conditions which with passage of time or giving of notice would be a defiault under the Lease. - .' . 5. Rent has been paid through the date hereof and no rentv or other sums payable under the Lease have been paid in advance. Tenant has made a security deposit in the amount of WW). 6. The Tenant has received no notice of a prior assign~ ment, hypothecation or pledge of rents or of the Lease to any person or entity. ‘ 7. The Lease represents the entire agreement between the parties thereto as to,the Premises, and Tenant neither has nor claims any right or interest in or under any contract, option iar" agreement involving the sale or transfer ofythe Premises. 8. The minimum monthly rental gayable is ($_‘_____._‘____~>, subject to the provisions of the Lease regarding increase ofi such rental, and saixi rentals began to accrue on , 198a“. 9. The primary Lease term expires on ; 3% 9i 9% 10. Tenant makes the above statements for the benefit and protection of American Federal Savings and Loan Association of Colorado ("American Federal") and to induce American Federal to make a loan to Landlord.(wbich loan is to be secured in part by an assignment of Landlord's intereet in the Lease to American Federal) and with the intent and undéistanding that they will be relied upon ' by American Federal. ,‘ ll; In tne'event American Federal shall sgqgeed to title to the Premises by“ fpfe'éjips'uré, deed mulled. ‘of .forefc'losur’ev or othefWise, no claimxan ‘l.be aéeérted againsthmerio n federelwti) flor.return of any security deposit paid by Tenant unless Amerioen Federal shall have received the security deposit at the time it acquires title} or (ii) Eor any failure or defiault by Landlord under the Lease. ‘ ‘ l2. The Lease is an shall be.at all times subordinate to the lien of the deed of trust for the benefit of American Federal, recorded in Book l I», Page‘ ‘ ;,;ofi the records of County, Colorado. Tenant shall ettorn to and recognize American Federal, or its assigns, as landlord if it shall be or become owner ofntbe Premises by reason of foreclosurey‘deed in lieu of fore— closure, or otherwise; ' > ' v r l3. Tenant agrees that Landlord may disclose to American Federal any information regarding Tenant and its borrower in Landlord‘s possession (or coming into its possession) pursuant to the Lease. ' Dated: , , lS“ . ‘TENANT: STATE OF CDLORADD COUNTY OF The foregoing instrument wee acknowledged before me this day of , f”‘ _, by ___n_“.wmmw-_w__~“__~_www WITNESS MY HAND AND OFFICIAL SEAL. I ‘E " Notary Public My Commission expires: ...
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Real estate law EstoppelCertificate - EXERCISE NUMBER 20 r...

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