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Real estate law relawsyllab10-5 - MANAGEMENT 4803 LEGAL...

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MANAGEMENT 4803 LEGAL ASPECTS OF REAL ESTATE COLLEGE OF MANAGEMENT GEORGIA INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY FALL 2010 Professor Lucien J. Dhooge College of Management 416 (404) 385-7312 Office Hours: MW 1:30-3 or by appointment C OURSE D ESCRIPTION MGT 4803introduces students to legal considerations in real estate transactions and land use planning. Students will become familiar with the nature and scope of real estate, the rights of others in such property and types of ownership. Students will study aspects of transactions for the sale, purchase and lease of real estate, including the retention of agents, the preparation of sales contracts and leases, the procurement of title insurance and financing and the conduct of closings. Additionally, students will become familiar with legal principles governing the regulation of real estate and land use planning, including the rights and duties of landowners and occupants and the impact of zoning and environmental laws. The emphases of the course are issue recognition and the resolution of such issues through application of legal principles. C OURSE O BJECTIVES Knowledge and Comprehension Identify legal issues applicable to ownership, possession and use of real property and transactions related thereto and resolve such issues through application of appropriate legal principles in oral and written formats C OURSE C OVERAGE Unit 1 - The Nature of Real Property and Rights Therein What is Real Property? The Rights of Third Parties Types of Ownership Unit 2 - The Real Estate Purchase and Sale Transaction The Role of Brokers and Agents The Sale Contract Title and Insurance Financing Closings, Taxation and Other Methods of Acquisition Unit 3 - Non-Freehold Estates, Duties to Others and the Regulation of Land Use The Landlord and Tenant Relationship The Duties of Landowners and Occupants Land Use Planning Environmental Law C OURSE M ATERIALS George J. Siedel and Robert J. Aalberts, Real Estate Law , Seventh Edition (2009), ISBN-13:978-0-324- 65520-9 Supplemental Materials (available on T-Square) S TUDENT E VALUATION
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Examinations Dates September 15, 2010 - 25% of final grade November 3, 2010 - 25% of final grade December 13, 2010 - 25% of final grade Examinations must be taken on the dates set forth in the syllabus in order to receive credit toward the final grade. Students who must miss an examination due to personal illness or injury, death or illness in the family, jury duty or religious holidays must contact the instructor prior to the examination or as soon as reasonably possible (but no later than one week after the examination), to make alternate arrangements. Student athletes are urged to contact the instructor as soon as possible to discuss their ability to sit for examinations on the days set forth in the syllabus. Students will not be permitted to sit for examinations after the scheduled dates set forth in the
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Real estate law relawsyllab10-5 - MANAGEMENT 4803 LEGAL...

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