Infant Psychology Study Guide #1

Infant Psychology Study Guide #1 - Chapter 1 Positron...

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Chapter 1 Positron emission tomography- detect glucose consumption, limited-requires injection of radioactive glucose solution, only used with infants and children for clinical or diagnostic purposes fMRI- easier/more useful, injection not required, measures brain activity by tracking the flow of blood and oxygen. Both have brightly colored images that make it possible to see part of brain is most active during stimulation like sound/visual images Vagal tone-heart rhythm, measure heart variability controlled by vagus nerve in brain and associated with breathing patterns. Indicator of how well CNS functioning Cortisol-In human saliva. Amount varies with emotional changes related to stress- indicates stress in infants Norm-reference test-provide specific scores or ratings used to compare one infant’s performance with that of other infants of same age. Ex: Denver II- covers 4 areas of dev. Gross motor, lang., fine motor-adaptive, and personal-social. Criterion-referenced instruments-infant’s ability to achieve specific, previously determined skills without comparing on infant with group of others. Ex: The Hawaii Early Learning Profile(HELP)- infants-3yrs, assess cognitive, language, gross motor, social-emotional, and adaptive(self-help) skills. Also, suggested teaching/remediation activities for each of test items. Chapter 2
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Infant Psychology Study Guide #1 - Chapter 1 Positron...

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