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Chapter 8 daily assignment

Chapter 8 daily assignment - Caitlin Vodopia Chapter 8...

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Caitlin Vodopia Chapter 8 Closing Case 1. When MTV initially started to expand internationally, it pursued a global standardization strategy. The network played the same shows across all of Europe despite the different cultural tastes and preferences which were much different than the American shows. Managers at MTV were making the assumption that the American programming would appeal to the young people across all of Europe, perhaps because they thought the Europeans would think it “cool” to watch American programs. They may have also made this assumption because MTV played a lot of the global superstars such as Madonna and Michael Jackson, and although they were popular globally, the majority of the programming and music played was of American preference. 2. Today, MTV pursues a localization strategy. Different countries and geographic regions each receive their own programming based on local tastes and preferences. The benefits of this strategy are that MTV was able to
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