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10 2 - Functional Roles in Achieving Superior innovation...

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Unformatted text preview: Functional Roles in Achieving Superior innovation :_ “Value Creation Function Primary Rules intrastructure (leadership) Manage overall progect lie. manage the development function? FacilIEEIE cross-functional cooperation Production . Cooperate with 3&0 on designing producis that are easy to manufacture Work with 850 to develop process innovations Marketing Pro-ride market information to R&D Work with HELD to develop new products Materiaismanagemem No primary responsibility RM) i Deveiop new products and processes . 2 Cooperate with othcrfunctions particulariy marketing and manufacturing in the oevelopment process Information Systems ' Use information systemsto coordinate cross-functionai and cross company product development wori: Human resources Hire taianted scientists and engineers n “mm—”wu— Su-m Hill : KJ-Jr-au : SliatkgliJVl; agt”e‘7. 2m: Hogs: .7 Mifi‘lrLJHr-J‘, Functional Roles for Achieving Superior Customer Responsiveness Value Creation Function Prénsary'é‘ioles inifasiructure lmusrshao} 1 Through leadershio ox, example oixiérl a comoanvwide commitmentto rcsoonsiveness to customers. Production 1 Achieve :ustomzauon throiroh i!‘ e-mentalion of flexible mano‘iocaoriog. 2 Achieve rapid response torch. ucxibie manoi‘acmrsog Marxetiag E Know. ‘he customero 2 C unioaie ctsstoroer feedback to aoprogsré {rations :zais management Deveioo tools-tics systems oaoahie of responcimg ouioiziy to unanticipated cus- tomer demands (JET! R§D 1 Bréng customers into the grades: flevelooment process inl'ormation svstoms i iése web bases information systems to morease responsiveness to so :omezs Human resouzous 1 Dei-‘eiop training programs that go; empioyeus to thins like customers themselves Sou 2 Min C Km:- (3 SI aus- Mi 1iige'1r-L 1005 H-JJEMJ' 'V‘rii‘l: Camp; .- 9/7/2010 ...
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