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OM final notes 2 - nent goes(M RP cast i ng l opment and...

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d improvement of the systems that create and delver the firm’s primary products or services. concept development, phase 2: system-level design, phase 3: detail design, phase 4: testing and refinement, phase 5: production ramp-up ight link to corp. strategy t. level, moderate link to corp. strategy gt. level, loose link to corp. strategy OMPETITIVENESS strategy y(product and process), delivery speed, delivery reliability, demand management, flexibility, and innovation ntiates one firm from another it’s the firm’s products to even be considered for purchase e that differentiates one firm from another. MENT requirements into engineering specifications,. Aims to get design, engineering, and production people involved early on. more power. Functional managers report to project managers. Need “heavy weight” product manager. rs have more power. nt tasks, to spot possible effectiveness improvement tasks, and to understand where value can be added Goods Inventory, then the system is make-to-stock, otherwise it is make-to-order en stages
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