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Unformatted text preview: d improvement of the systems that create and delver the fir ms pr imar y products or ser vices. c oncept development, phase 2: system-level design, phase 3: detail design, phase 4: t esting and refinement, phase 5: production ramp-up ight link t o cor p. strat egy t. level, moderate link to cor p. strategy g t. level, loose link to cor p. strategy MPETI TI VENESS strat egy y(product and process), deliver y speed, deliver y reliabilit y, demand management, f lexibility, and innovation ntiat es one fir m from another its the fir ms products t o even be considered for purchase e that differentiat es one fir m from another. MENT requirements int o engineer ing specifications,. Aims to get design, engineer ing, and production people involved early on. more power. Functional managers repor t t o project managers. Need heavy weight product manager. rs have more power. nt tasks, to spot possible effectiveness improvement tasks, and t o understand where value can be added Goods I nvent or y, then the syst em is make-to-st ock, other wise it is make-t o-order...
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